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As most of you know this site is my personal site and mostly focuses on IT and Technology related articles but after a few weeks of thinking and getting advice from some trustful sources I have decided to make some changes to and EvolutionaryDesigns Photography Blog.Abandoned 404 Passenger Plane - James Johnston Photography

Since I have plans to move forward in my Photography skills and sometime in the near future, may even move into the world of professional photography, I have decided that instead of using Evolutionary Designs Photography as the company name for my photography brand, that I should use my name instead.

Plans for & Evolutionary Designs Photography

Since I plan on using my name and this domain (with a sub domain for photography at a later date) I plan on sharing my photography articles here as well as Evolutionary Designs Photography. This week and forward all my pictures taken at a shoot will be shared on Evolutionary Designs Photography with a short description of the images. But for a complete story behind the images and the shoot, I will add a link at the end of the gallery linking to the article here. James Johnston Photography

All images displayed on this site, will be my favorites from that set of images shared in the gallery. But along with those images, I will go into detail about the shoot, the story behind the images, or even history/story of those images.

As for previous articles on Evolutionary Designs Photography, I will slowly add a short post with of my favorite images from the article linking back to the gallery and story behind the shoot. I will only do this for some of the better shoots.James Johnston Photography

Will There Still Be Tech Related Articles on Here?

The answer to this is, YES! I love technology, I love IT, and I enjoying helping others with their tech needs. I will continue to write articles about technology, IT related, business, WordPress, cool stuff I find on the internet, and photography topics (other than my own work).

The plan is this, Instead of writing one article a week about tech or something cool, I plan on writing a article a week about tech (whenever possible) and one article a week (whenever possible) for my photography articles.James Johnston Photography

That way, those that want to read my tech, then they can skip over the photography articles and those who want to see the photography, can skip over the tech related articles.

If you are interested in using any of my images/work for a feature or if you want to purchase any of my work, please contact me.

About James

James spends most of his free time using social media and loves to teach others about design, web development, CSS, SEO, and social media. He is addicted to Wordpress, social media, and technology. You can reach him on his personal website, Evolutionary Designs Blog, Do not forget to follow him on Twitter @element321

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  1. I see the transition has begun, nd with some really cracking images to boot. That black classic car is killing it!
    Jimi Jones recently posted..Above the HorizonMy Profile

    • Thanks, Jimi

      That car is sexy in person. I took some shots of the car but this one of my favorite ones. I think its because I caught the guy drooling over the car as well… More images to come.

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