Killer Lightroom’s Tips for New Users #10: Need to Speed Up Image Productivity? Use Adobe Lightroom Presets

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A few months ago I shared a new article from the new user tips series by Scott Kelby and his team that can be found on the Lightroom Killer Tips website. The series is now complete so if you want to see the rest of the articles, just click on the link to get started. Also keep in mind, this series is for beginners. If you are new to Lightroom, it is a must read. The articles are a short read, but informative.

Need to Speed Up Image Productivity? Use Adobe Lightroom Presets

Need to Speed Up Image Productivity? Use Adobe Lightroom Presets

If you are just getting started with photography or you have been at it a short while, you realize the faster you can edit your images and get them ready for export that faster you can move onto other projects or even call it quits for the day.

When editing images, I have a few steps that I do for every photo I work on. Each step has completed in a certain order to speed up the process. Once those basic steps are completed, I use presets to complete the editing process.

Adobe Lightroom Presets a set of steps in the editing process that are automated. And yes you can make your own preset or even purchase some impressive ones from different photography resource sites. But I find the default ones that come with Adobe Lightroom work great.

In Scott Kelby’s 10th and final installment of his 10 Things I would Tell a New Lightroom User #10: To Speed Your Workflow Start Making Presets Now he gives advice and explains how and when to make presets to help in your workflow.

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  1. Good basic explanation of what a presets is.

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