Hot Shoe Level Can Protect Your Camera’s Hot Shoe

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Most DSLR cameras come with a Hot Shoe. The Hot Shoe on your camera is a great tool for adding an additional flash/lighting, mic, or even as a mount point for something else. Be default, many manufactures leaves don’t offer protection for the hot shoe and if a camera does offer protection for the Hot Shoe, it can easily be lost (lost mine with 2 weeks of getting it). The camera hot shoe should be protected when not in use. It can get dust on the connections or the mount itself could get damaged. Once damaged, the camera may not function correctly or you will not be able to use the Hot Shoe ever again. To resolve this issue you need to get a Hot Shoe cover. If you need to replace yours why not get one that can be useful for the shoots you don’t a flash? If you want to turn your Hot Shoe cover into a useful, check out the Hot Shoe Level.

Hot Shoe Level – Review

Hot Shoe Level Can Protect Your Camera’s Hot Shoe

A few months ago I picked up a Hot Shoe Level for my Sony a6000 since it did not have a Hot Shoe Cover. I figured that a pack of four Hot Shoe Covers for less than $10 was a good investment to protect my camera. Plus the built in bubble level will help level my shots on a trip or shooting from the hip.

The Hot Shoe Level fits any standard Hot Shoe mount and is a fit is perfect for my Sony a6000. It easily slides into place but once seated, you can’t accidently bump it out. You will have to give it a little pressure to remove it from the mount.

Hot Shoe Level Can Protect Your Camera’s Hot Shoe

The bubble mount is a little on the small side. It could be a little larger but it works for quick adjustments. After some testing it looks to be pretty accurate.

Hot Shoe Level Can Protect Your Camera’s Hot Shoe

I now have both my cameras with the Hot Shoe Level. Because of the price and that you get four covers for about $8 it’s worth it and I recommend that anyone that has an unprotected Hot Shoe Mount, you keep it covered with this level tool or with another cover.

Hot Shoe Level Can Protect Your Camera’s Hot Shoe

Below are a few other options I found on Amazon. I have not tested any of these but these should fit any camera with a universal mount. Just make sure to read the reviews and only purchase a cover with high ratings.

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