Get 5GB of Free Storage From Google Drive–It Links to Your Google Account

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Get 5GB of Free Storage that Links To Your Google Account

Are you looking for a way to store your important documents and files and have theme where ever you are? If so, you have options. You can use cloud storage services such as dropbox but they have very limited storage options. Some of them offer premium storage options and that can cost a lot of money and you do not get that much space. There are also free options, but I really wouldn’t trust them unless the company offering these services was backed by a reliable company. Image Source: Google Drive.

Google Drive

To get around the cost issues, you could use Google Drive, it’s a new service from Google. The new service offers an additional 5GB of free storage to use however you want. All you need is a Google Account.

Google describes Google Drive…Google Drive is everywhere you are—on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. So wherever you are, your stuff is just…there. Ready to go, ready to share. Get started with 5 GB free.

What Systems are Google Drive Available on?

  • PC and Mac
  • iPhone and iPad (coming soon)
  • Android devices

What Else Can Google Drive Do?

Google Drive is more than just online storage, you can share files with anyone you want and you and your friends can edit and collaborate together. Get 5GB of Free Storage From Google Drive–It Links to Your Google Account

With Google Drive, you get instant access to your Google Docs. Google Docs offers a powerful suite of editing tools that makes working with others better. With Google Drive, you and your friends can collaborate together even if you and your friends live across the country from each other. Image Source: Google Drive

What if I Need More than 5GB of Storage?

If 5GB isn’t enough space, you can get an additional 25GB of storage for less than $2.50 a month. With that much storage, you can storage a lot of files, documents, images, and video.

Final Thoughts

I have always been a fan of Google and their products. With most of their products, they spend a lot of time and research on their products. As for Google Drive, it looks like a good service and I have plans of using the service once my dropbox account fills up or that I have a need to collaborate with friends on a project.

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