Celina Ice & Cold Storage Co in Celina, Texas

Celina Ice & Cold Storage Co. was at one time an old ice house back in time when most people didn’t have an ice box or refrigerator (also before they were invented.) As most ice houses of that time period were more than just cold storage, it was a place to hang out and keep cool. In time, these places became known as bars or places that served beer.

Celina Ice & Cold Storage CO.

As for the history of this old ice house, its anybody’s guess. I looked for quite some time and I still can’t find anything. Its time to find locals that might would know more about its history.

Celina Ice & Cold Storage

Celina Ice & Cold Storage Co Current Condition

As you can see, the building has been left to the elements. It really hasn’t been maintained that much. It looks to me that the painted on sign was repainted at some point in the last few years. Many of the original doors and windows have been bricked in.

Celina Ice & Cold Storage CO.

When I took a closer look at the building, I noticed that several of the windows were knocked out behind the metal grates and I could tell that the place is used for storage and is full of metal and other stuff.

Celina Ice & Cold Storage CO.

As I was leaving the Celina Ice & Cold Storage Co, I noticed there was an old sign that said this building is Prefinsihed Metal Systems. So this might be the last business to operate out of the old ice house. But once again there isn’t any info about this company.

Celina Ice & Cold Storage CO.

If you have any information on the Celina Ice & Cold Storage Co. Please contact me, and tell me your story.

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  1. Jim Johnson says:

    The ice house in Celina your referring to is owned by my family. Contact me for future visits.
    Jim Johnson

  2. Sharon (Armstrong) Howe says:

    It was built by my grandfather (JT Armstrong).

  3. Candice Green (formerly Thurmon) says:

    The Prefinished Metal System sign belong to my father, Bryan Thurmon. He worked out of the building for a few years many years ago.

    Jim Johnson, does your family still own the building? If so, is there a way we could contact you about the sign?

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