Review: Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive

The Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive is a simple but elegantly designed hard drive designed to backup your digital life. Not only does it look good sitting on the shelf at the store but it looks good sitting on your desk. Its … [Read more...]

Topaz Labs’ Free January 2017 Webinar Series

One of my favorite post production tools comes in the form of a plugin for Lightroom and photoshop is from Topaz Labs. I’m actually a big fan of their entire suite. Some tools I use more than others but I love working with all of them. They help … [Read more...]

Review: Toshiba Cavanio Connect 1 TB Portable Hard Drive

Last year I picket up a Toshiba Cavanio Connect 1TB Portable Hard Drive to back up my mother’s computer and iPhone. She needed a basic but reliable portable backup system for aging notebook computer that she was planning to replace after she pulled … [Read more...]

Review: ASUS RT-N66U Gigabit Router Dual-band Wireless –N900

The ASUS RT-N66U Gigabit Router Dual-band Wireless –N900 is an impressive machine that builds on the award winning older model, RT-N56U, with increased WI-FI speed for both 5 GHZ and the 2.4 GHZ transmission by 50 % up to 900 Mbps which is ideal for … [Read more...]

Review: CHGeek USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter

After realizing that as a power user, you need more than one or two places in your car to charge your devices, I started looking for a multi function car power adapter. In my pervious vehicles I’ve always had two or more cigarette lighter sockets. … [Read more...]

Review: Anker CD Slot Cell Phone Mount

I’m addicted to my phone and I use it for almost everything. When I’m driving its no different. Its always running Spotify or an Audio book and most of the time I have Waze or Google Maps running. For me, having my phone mounted in a cell phone mount … [Read more...]

Review: 2-Pack Anker 6ft / 1.8m Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Micro USB Cable

I recently purchased a 2-pack Anker 6ft / 1.8m Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Micro USB Cable because I got tired of buying the cheap 3 ft short cables that charge slowly, to short to talk and charge, and breaks down after a few months of use. After doing … [Read more...]

Review: Anker Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

The big part of operating a computer is your input devices. That includes your mice and keyboards. Without those devices you aren’t going to get very far using your computer. When choosing a mouse you need to pick one that works well and fits your … [Read more...]

Review: Anker 3.5 Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable 4 ft

I listen to a lot of music and being able to send my music to my car radio or home stereo without using Bluetooth (my cars do not have a Bluetooth connection) or burning 100s of CDs is important to me.  To get my music to my car radio or home stereo … [Read more...]

Review: HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset With Neoprene Armband

About a year ago, I purchased the HYPE Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Neoprene Armband since my previous Bluetooth stereo headset was damaged and now uncomfortable to wear. What caught my eye was this great little combo deal. The headset came with an … [Read more...]

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