Random Picture of the Week #14: These Chains Can’t Keep Me Away

This week’s random picture is of a set of chains and a padlock I found on a drive way gate blocking the way to a beautiful but decaying two story barn. Originally posted on February 23rd, 2014 on Evolutionary Designs – Photography About the … [Read more...]

Random Picture of Week #13: Abandoned Dairy Freeze in Carl’s Corner, Texas

This week’s random picture was taken on a road trip I took down to Hillsboro, Texas a few years back. From what I was told its an abandoned Dairy Freeze in Carl’s Corner, Texas. Originally posted on February 12, 2014 on … [Read more...]

The Windsor Ruins

About 10 miles southwest of Port Gibson, Mississippi sits a tract of cleared land where the ruins of twenty-nine gothic columns commonly called the Windsor Ruins. The Windsor Ruins was once the beautiful plantation mansion called the Windsor. … [Read more...]

Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church near Port Gibson, Mississippi

During one of my trips to the Port Gibson, Mississippi area to visit the Windsor Ruins and Rodney, Mississippi I had the chance to stop at the old Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church. Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church. In 1801 Presbyterian … [Read more...]

Random Picture of the Week #8: The Windsor Ruins

This week’s random picture is from a special trip I took while on my way to see my grandmother before she passed way. Although the place is peaceful and the architecture is beautiful, I’ve noticed that when the area gets very quiet, the creep factor … [Read more...]

The Abandoned Castle Pinckney in Charleston Harbor, Charleston, South Carolina

Castle Pinckney is located on Shutes Folley Island in Charleston Harbor, Charleston South Carolina. Originally named Fort Pinkey when General George Washington saw that the island was strategically placed and ordered a fort be built on the … [Read more...]

Random Picture of the Week #2 The Baker Hotel

This week’s random image was taken on a road trip to Mineral Wells, Texas back in June 2013. My wife and I took a road trip from Anna, Texas to Mineral Wells, Texas to visit the abandoned Baker Hotel.  I finally finished processing the images and … [Read more...]

The Ghost Town of Rocky Springs, Mississippi

The small town of Rocky Springs, Mississippi is a ghost town with nothing more than a walking path around what was once the town with a few old safes, cisterns, plaques were buildings may have once stood. The only building left in town is the Rocky … [Read more...]

Abandoned Church in Sherman, Texas (Demolished)

Over a year ago, I stumbled across an abandoned building at East College St. and North Montgomery, St. Right across the street from the Saint John CME Church. At the time I wasn’t sure this building was used for. It could have been an old school, … [Read more...]

Abandoned Farm House Just North of Itasca, Texas

About a year ago I was working in Italy, Texas for a week and on my way back to Dallas, Texas on the last day of work I did some rural exploring. Since I knew of several old farm houses in the area but never had the time to stop and check them out, I … [Read more...]

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