An Introduction to Topaz Texture Effects

Topaz Texture Effects

Have you ever wondered how to add that textured effect to image. Maybe you want that grunge look or maybe add a dreamy texture effect to personal an important image in your life? There several different ways to do it. You can add those effects through Photoshop and do it yourself. In order to that, you will need a collection of free and premium textures that you can purchase, download, or create yourself and then merge those images with your may images.

Even though this can be any easy thing to do if you know what you are doing, it does take time. If you have tried your hand adding textures to your images, you will have to learn how to do it and search for that perfect texture. The whole process takes a lot time away for your other projects.

Trust me, I use to add textures to images and it took hours just to find the right texture. Then another hour or so to combine and make those images perfect.

The second option is to use Topaz Texture Effects. Topaz Texture Effects comes with over 145 professionally crafted effects and a huge library of textures, light leaks and more to help create that perfect image for your projects. Once you find that perfect texture, use Texture Effects to edit the image to create the look you are looking for.

Topaz Texture Examples and Screen Shots

Below are some examples provided by Topaz Labs. I will be posting some images in a few days.

What it Takes to Run Topaz Texture

Topaz Texture works on Mac: OSX 10.8+ and Windows7/8/10 x 64bit. You will also need OpenGL 3.2 and at lest 2 GB RAM minimum but I would have at least 4 GB (if not more) and that’s what they recommend.

Topaz Texture will run as a stand alone program or through a compatible host program. Make sure that your system can handle Topaz Texture. It is resource beast and will use a lot of system resources. The program won’t even run on a 32 bit system. Check out the program compatibility page to see if your computer will run it.

Topaz Texture Tips and Tricks

Below are four videos to help you get started with Topaz Texture Effects.

Topaz Texture Effects – Browse and Download Effects

Topaz Texture Effects – Creating Custom Effects

Topaz Texture Effects – Importing Your Own Assets

Topaz Texture Effects – Save & Share

Topaz Texture Effects – The Cost

Topaz Texture Effects normally costs $69.99 but if you purchase by January 31st, 2016 you can get the 20% discount. The discounted cost will be $49.99. Just use the discount code EASYTEXTURE at time of check out. If you need more information make sure to check out the sales page for Texture Effects. It will not only go into more detail about this powerful tool but give you examples of what Texture Effects can do.

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