Abandoned Farm house in Rockwall, Texas

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this old abandon farm house in Rockwall Texas. I remember a few years back this place was still active as a farm. Its sad to see another piece of rural Rockwall going away. Its up for sale and its 40+ acres zoned for commercial. So I don’t think it will be around much longer. It will be another section of warehouses or office buildings in the near future.

Abandoned Farmhouse in Rockwall, Texas

This house gave me the creeps and the vulture sitting on the chimney watching me the whole time I was shooting the house didn’t help. I do plan on going back with someone else. I get the feeling this isn’t the place to explore by yourself.

The Conditioned of the Abandoned Farm House in Rockwall, Texas

This gorgeous old house looks like it might have been abandoned 10+ years ago or it could have been abandoned just a few years ago and wasn’t kept up. From the front, it looks almost habitable. It even still has the old Christmas light strung up across the front.

Abandoned Farmhouse in Rockwall, Texas still has its old Christmas lights up

Seeing these lights, it tells me that its some what of a recent abandonment. This style of lights have only been around about 10 years maybe a little longer.

As for the rest of the house, its in rough condition but it could be salvageable. The sides and rear of the house are in the worst shape. The original structure is in the best shape. It’s the additions that were added sometime in the future. Either way,  the additions weren’t made to last as the original structure was.

Abandoned Farmhouse in Rockwall, Texas

From the looks of it, there might be two additions to the back of the house. The second addition was added early on the houses history that it looks like it could have been original to the house design.

Abandoned Farmhouse in Rockwall, Texas

The third part of the house was a more recent addition and you can tell by the different types of wood used and how fast the decay is happening.

Abandoned Farmhouse in Rockwall, Texas

Abandoned Farmhouse in Rockwall, Texas

Abandoned Farmhouse in Rockwall, Texas

As for the inside, I didn’t go inside. It was pretty dark and many of the windows still have its windows and curtains. I do not plan on going inside the house like this are usually gutted by the owners or scrappers.

If you know anything about this old abandoned house in Rockwall, Texas, please contact me.

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  1. Haha, you’re right! That vulture isn’t letting you out of its sight! I hate those things, nothing adds more of an overall creepy vibe than a carrion-eating raptor, lol. This looks kind of near that Heath house. I really want to go check that one out soon. The land is still for sale. Glad I found your website! 🙂
    – D. Hartnett
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  2. This place is known as the Klutts farm. There are many rumors that go around town saying that it’s haunted. People are always saying that they see a woman dressed in all black on the land there and following their car. I don’t believe it, but hopefully you may be interested.

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