Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas

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On one my road trips to explore Fort Phantom Hill I came across a small abandoned farm house near Abilene, Texas.

Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas

Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas

This little farm house is old. At some point, the family living here grew large enough for another small addition to be added out back. But eventually it wasn’t big enough and the family moved on.

I am not sure as to the history of this old house or what happened to the families that once lived here or even when the house was built and abandoned. If anyone knows more about this abandoned farm house near Abilene, Texas or even has pictures of the house before it was abandoned, please contact me. I want to finishing documenting the story of this old house.

Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas Location

Abandoned Farm House Near Abilene, Texas

I won’t go into details as to where the his old farm house is located. But what I will tell you is its on West Lake Rd in Abilene, Texas. It sits in front of the property behind a fence with a large house towards the middle of the property.

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  1. Beverly Burkman says:

    My mother-in-law was born in that house October of 1927. I have a painting done from a picture of it when it still had the front porch. I don’t know where the original picture is, nor how long the family lived in the house. The parents were Jess and Zora Middleton, daughter Sarah Lafaye Middleton Burkman.

    • Thank you for commenting and sharing your family history us. Would it be possible to get a copy of the painting. Even if it just a cell phone picture close enough to see the details of the old house. Would know when the house was built?
      Thanks again.


  1. […] would love to know the story behind this old house. Note: This article was originally posted on my personal blog on June 5th, 2015 and the pictures were taken in November of 2014. That article will no longer be […]

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