Abandoned Cars in Oklahoma

I love old cars and I love photographing them. Over the years I found that I love photographing abandoned cars left to the elements in pastures, barns, and other places as well. Some of time it gets me thinking why was it left behind? At other times I think it would be great to see that old girl back on the road. Today I want to share some images of abandoned cars in Oklahoma. This particular set was taken in 2014 on my way to Missouri for a business trip.

abandoned cars in Oklahoma.

About the Abandoned Cars in Oklahoma

There really isn’t much of a story behind these cars. I found them as I ws passing through Oklahoma. I can’t even remember where they were located. I happened to see them as I passed by. At the time I was running a little late and didn’t want to stop. But seeing these cars sitting on the edge of the service road and they were old cars in various stages of salvage, I just had to take a closer look.

I ended up hanging around the area for about an hour shooting the different cars. Checking out the details of these old cars. You don’t see this kind of work in today’s cars.

Several of the cars deserved a second chance at life. As to the rest, I can’t remember much about them or what they were.  On my next road trip through Oklahoma I plan to see if I can find this location again. It looks like the owner might be parting these cars out.

About the Images

These images were by hand with my Sony Nex-3N and a Sony 16mm prime lens, then processed with Adobe Lightroom to crop, straightened, and remove dust spots from the images. Then I post processed the images with Topaz Labs Clarity and Google Nik Collection to add more texture, remove shadows, boost brightness , remove noise and add contrast.

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