Abandoned Building Near Gunter, Texas

Almost two months ago I had to run up to Denton to get some more transcripts from UNT for a job prospect.  Afterwards, I did a little exploring off 287. I took it as far as Sherman. I found several places worth stopping and several old farm roads that might worth exploring in the future.

Abandoned Building Near Gunter, Texas

Abandoned House South of Gunter, Texas

I came across this abandoned house/building. I am not sure what it is. It doesn’t really look like a house, it looks more like an old church. But its missing the steeple and it location is a little off. It looks like it was just dropped off and forgotten.

Abandoned Building Near Gunter, Texas

Abandoned Building Near Gunter, Texas

As for the inside, it isn’t worth exploring. Its been gutted and its a giant one room building. This place might be worth a stop during a gloomy day or sunset shot during harvest time. But its not worth it to trespass.

Abandoned Building Near Gunter, Texas

I am looking for information about the old building. If you know anything about it or who to contact, please contact me.

This old building is just south of Gunter, Texas at the Collin County / Gunter County county line. Please do not enter the property, there isn’t anything worth looking from what I could tell. They also have several large NO TRESPASSING signs along with a reward offer for those that report trespassers.

About the Images

These images were taken on a late afternoon that was sunny and partly cloudy with my Sony Nex-3N with a Sigma 30mm f2.8 DN E Mount Lens, then I processed it with Adobe Lightroom to crop, straightened, and remove dust spots from the image. Then I post processed the image with Topaz Labs Clarity to add more texture, remove shadows, boost brightness, contrast, then desaturation the images.

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  1. John McCall says:

    This is the Marilee Baptist Church near the intersection of 289 and County Line Road on the border between Collin County and Grayson County.
    The church has been abandoned for a very long time. Forty plus years.

    My mother was born just west of the church. If you travel west on County Line Road for about three miles you will cross a small stream then the remains of a silo and a barn near the top of a rise.
    My mother was born there on the Bishop Farm in 1924. This was the first church she ever attended.

  2. Karen Franklin McFarland

    This is the Marlee Church. I have lived in Celina Texas just south of the church for 61 years and it has been there as long as I can remember. My 87 year old mother said it has been there as long as she could remember.

  3. My Mother attended this church as a child in the 1930s. She lived on a farm 3 miles to the west of Hwy 289 on the south side of the county line road. I remember mom talking about the Bishop family. My grandparents Earl Lowrey and Prebble Tucker Lowrey farmed (sharecropped) 250 acres there when the Hills owned a lot of the land in the area. I am looking for my grandmother old farm house that was there. I heard it was moved to the north side of Celina probably in the 1950s. She lived there until she passed away in the 1960s. All my family – Tucker, Lowrey, Pafford, and Moseleys are laid to rest at Cottage Hill cemetery. If you might know where that old farm house is in North Celina please let me know.

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