5 Texas Landscape Pictures

One of the things I love about Texas is our landscapes. Texas is so large that you only have to drive a little while before your landscape will change. We have deserts, prairie lands, mountains, piney woods, ocean views and a ton of lake views. Through out my travels of Texas I have grown to love our ever changing landscapes. I almost never stopped to enjoy them. Then a few years ago I decided to stop and photograph Texas Landscapes. On each of my Texas roads I now try and stop and take a couple of landscapes if I can. Sometimes, these landscapes are taken on the back roads of Texas at other times their taken overlooking a Texas ranch, open farm land, at the beach, or of a city skyline. Today’s article is of 5 Texas Landscape Pictures I’ve taken in the last few years.

Texas Landscape Pictures

I’ve selected a few of my favorite pictures taken through out my travels. These pictures represent landscapes from North Texas, West Texas and Texas Hill Country.

West Texas Windmills

West Texas Windmills and a Abandoned Farm House - Texas Landscape Pictures

The first picture is one I took just a few months ago in West Texas. Its of an old homestead now abandoned farm house surround by windmill power generators. Its shows the old with the new.

Fields of Gold

Yellow Wild Flowers in Bloom in Blue Ridge, Texas - Texas Landscape Pictures

The next picture up is of my neighbors pasture full of Yellow Fireweed in the spring. The farmer that owns this land leases it out to another neighbor down the road that is a hay farmer. Soon this filled will be cut close to the ground and prepped for a late summer hay harvest. This picture was taken last spring and was shot with my LG G4 cell phone. It just down the road from our place in North Texas.

A Giant in a Field of Gold


A Giant in a Field of Gold - Texas Landscape Pictures The lone tree protects the field of Yellow Fireweed. The picture was taken on a rain day somewhere in the Texas Hill Country in April over two years ago. It was shot by hand using an old Sony Nex-3N and a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 during our Texas Hill Country and West Texas Road Trip with a photography buddy.

Fields of Blue

A Field of Bluebonnets in Mule Shoe Bend - Texas Landscape Pictures

This picture was taken on a gloomy morning at Mule Shoe Bend Recreation Area near Marble Falls, Texas in Texas Hill Country. This area has over 600 acres of bluebonnets wild flowers each year during the spring wild flower season. During the rest of year there are all sorts of things to do there. Shot taken with my Sony Nex-3N and a Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8.

Lonely Dirt Road in North Texas

Muddy Dirt Road in Blue Ridge, Texas - Texas Landscape Pictures

This shot was taken once again with my LG G4 at the same time I stopped to shoot the Field of Gold picture. Many not consider this type of image a true landscape picture, but in Texas many multi generation Texans love a good Texas back road shot and consider them part of Texas Landscapes. The location of this picture is just a few miles from our house on the road we live off of. Its on the Collin County /Fannin County line. By some this area is referred to the Four Corners or Corners regions of North East Texas. Right on the edge of where the Backland Prairie ends and the Wild Cat Thicket starts. The thicket is gone and replaced with farm land that will eventually became house developments in the near future as North Texas population grows.

As always my pictures are available for print and digital download with or without the watermark. Please contact me for details. Just tell me what Texas Landscape Pictures you are interested in or any other pictures from this site.

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