13 of My Favorite WordPress Infographics

Earlier today I came across some great looking WordPress Infographics while researching another project. So I thought I would take a quick break and share a few of my favorite WordPress infographics. Last week on Evolutionary Designs I shared a few my favorite design related infographics. So this week, I decided to share a collection of infographics on this site and the topic just had to be WordPress. Below you will find 13 great looking infographics that not only look good but are full of great information about WordPress.

WordPress Infographics

All images in the collection are only a clipping of the original infographic. Please click on the link to see the whole infographic. If you are the owner of these images and do not want these images posted here. Please contact us so we can remove your image from the collection.

Speed Up WordPressWordpress Infographics

How to speed up WordPress and boost your site’s performance.”

The Power of WordPress5MustseeWordPressInfographicsWordpressJedi_4dacaccf14030

“A cool infographic that demonstrates the true power of WordPress.“

WordPress 8.5Wordpress Infographics

WordPress facts: gives you a crash course in WordPress history, different flavors of this platform, and the themes/plugins available for it.”

The Anatomy of a Word Press ThemeWordpress Infographics

“With all the WordPress themes that arose over the past few years, you’d almost forget what a standard structure behind WordPress looks like. A WordPress site is built from many functions that work together. Here is a breakdown of the elements that go into a WordPress theme.You can see the blog article/infographic by Joast de Valk.

The Jazzy Rise of WordPressWordpress Infographics

“WordPress is the go to content management system for lots of bloggers. It has clear buttons and functions and it is easy to navigate. This infographic looks at WordPress from its very beginnings to its rise to top content management system. It uses jazz greats as metaphors for different points in its history.”

WordPress Core Team (Update 2x)Wordpress Infographics

“Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging providers on the web these days and there are two rings of power inside the organization as described by Jane Wells. Check out this infographic to see who is where within the company. “

WordPress vs. BloggerWordpress Infographics

This infographic captures the comparison between two blogging platforms: WordPress and Blogger.” This infographic does a pretty good job of displaying the pros and cons of both systems. In my opinion WordPress is by far more superior than Blogger. For each of the cons of WordPress, there is a quick and easy way around those issues. Please contact me if you are in need of WordPress Consulting.

Which Blogging Platform Should You Use? (Infographic)

Wordpress Infographics

“Are you thinking about starting blog? Having a hard time deciding which is the best blogging platform? 3,000+ bloggers have expressed their opinions.”


Wordpress Infographics

WordPress’s popularity is undeniable, from family bloggers to some of the worlds most trafficked websites. It powers a good part of the Internet’s public websites.”

Should I Move To WordPress?Wordpress Infographics

“So, the idea was born. A simple decision tree that could be used by people who are thinking about making the switch. It can also be a useful tool for use when consulting with potential clients (if you do Wordrpess installations). I hope you enjoy it.”

Some WordPress FactsWordpress Infographics

“WordPress is a very popular computer tool. This infographic provides some facts and information about WordPress.“

Ultimate Guide to Upgrade WordPress for Beginners [Infograph]Wordpress Infographics

“The chart displays the possible reasons why WordPress blogs were hacked and the study includes it was mostly because they were not running the most upgraded version of WordPress.”

WordPress Plugins 101Wordpress Infographics

“Going through all these lists (great plugin lists) can take a bit of time though. That’s why we have put together the below infographic to help webmasters download the most essential plugins for their sites as fast as possible.”

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