10+ Ways to Speed Up Your Computer’s Boot Time

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bios One of the most asked questions I get when someone finds out I work in the IT industry is “why does my computer run so slow now and how do I speed it up?” I get these types of questions from friends, family, and of course clients and I always say that it isn’t a simple answer and each case is a little different. But in most cases, its a lot of junk running in the background. Some of this “junk” is needed but many of it isn’t. Image Source: Flickr

But I have also found there are other factors on your computer that can cause it to slow down. So when I am asked to speed up a computer, I always look into those things and fix them or reconfigure some settings to help speed things.

Instead of writing up the steps I do to speed a computer, I found a great article on LifeHacker that has 10 things you can do to speed up the computer. The article is a good first step, but you will need to research each step before jumping right into making those changes.

Out of the ten techniques to speed up your computer, I agree with all of them except for removing unused fonts. I am actually split on whether this works or if it will end up being a hassle. With Windows and office we have access to hundreds of fonts. With free and premium fonts available from the internet, your computer could have 1000s of fonts loaded on your computer. So it could be in your best interest to disable your unused fonts. Just make sure to leave the ones you use regularly enabled. Disable all of them or just some of the ones you use could cause some issues.

One way to speed up your computer that isn’t mentioned is to leave about 20% of your hard drives open. I found that when your hard drives are almost full they can slow down, it takes more time for the computer to access and find the data stored on the computer. So free up some space on the drive. If you need to keep everything on that drive, move some of it to another drive. If its installed software, uninstall some if it and reinstall the software on another internal hard drive if you can. If you have images, videos, and documents, you can move all those extra files over to an external hard drive. But this issue is normally issue after the computer is completed its boot up processes.

Check out the article from Lifehacker. Do your research before you make any changes to your system. These fixes will only work for Windows based computers.

Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer’s Boot Time

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